Westcott Bay Sculpture Park


Roche Harbor Road
Friday Harbor , WA 98250


Every day Dawn - Dusk


The setting of the sculpture park is a broad open former pasture with ponds, forest border, rocky outcrops, and a saltwater wetland. Set about the grounds are sculptures of a dizzying array of sizes, colors, shapes, themes, periods, and in some cases movements and sounds. Wind twirled sculptures flash light and color, something large and organic rises from the pond surface, a child timidly taps a large disc with the offered striker.

You’ll begin your walk at an entrance framed by a surprisingly small and intimate garden with a rustic welcome hut. Here donations are accepted and brochures offered. Entering into the park grounds, individual pieces will attract your attention, drawing you in for deeper inspection. Then, when walking on, the expansive outdoor setting itself becomes a sculpture, inviting you from a distance to wander wherever your fancy may lead. People seldom are crowded here; small groups may form at one sculpture then drift away and coalesce elsewhere.

Occasionally special events are scheduled at the park. When present, the white dazzling tented pavilions near the entrance look like sculptures themselves, and give a rather whimsical garden party flavor to the grounds. In partnership with the Island Museum of Art in Friday Harbor, the Park emphasizes local artists and portrayals of the island experience.

Individual pieces are added and removed overtime but it is the natural world’s contribution that is such an important part of your experience. Day light, shadows, clouds, seasons, wind, and even rain all contribute to the vibrancy and varied experience that becomes unique to each visit. With so much to see, it’s best not to have too rigid an expectation or plan. Rather, consider each visit to the Westcott Bay Sculpture Park a new experience, seeing just enough to make it enjoyable, and leaving some mystery to explore next time.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 7/22/2009


From Friday Harbor ferry dock, drive uphill and turn right onto Second Street N, (becomes Guard Street), at intersection turn right onto Roche Harbor Road. Continue on main road. Drive through welcome arch to Roche Harbor then turn left and left again into parking lot. About 10 miles from ferry dock.


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