San Juan Islands Museum of Art

28 First Street
Friday Harbor , WA 98250
(360) 370-5050


The Art Museum is affiliated with the Westcott Bay Sculpture Garden (see article this web site) and like the Garden, endeavors to feature local artists and representations of life and nature in the islands. The mission of the museum is to make possible exhibitions of the best of the visual arts but especially those of the Pacific Northwest region including both the US and Canada.

Located in what has become a "Museum Row" on First Street, the building that currently houses the Museum of Art is historically interesting. The Brown House originally served as officers’ quarters at Fort Bellingham on the mainland but was moved in it’s entirety to Friday Harbor where it was used for various commercial purposes including a blacksmith shop. Presently on loan to the museum, the building’s small space is used efficiently to house the exhibits.

The collection of displayed art is typically thematic and frequently includes items from locally juried events. The paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other work allow visitors to enjoy a fascinating selection from local and regional artists in a single showing. Not only is this a treat for art viewers but the local artists gain the opportunity for public recognition of their work.

The museum also sponsors various activities, programs and events for young and developing artists and the art loving public. A popular lecture series allows artists and the public to meet with speakers on various topics of art history and art appreciation and are often so well attended that seating is limited.

With frequently changing exhibits, lectures and special events it’s a good idea to check what’s happening at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art when planning a trip to the Island. If schedules align, you may find yourself not only enjoying a unique opportunity to view otherwise unavailable artwork but to meet the artist as well.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 10/15/2009


As you drive off the Ferry in Friday Harbor, follow the cars as they turn right onto Front Street and left onto Spring Street (the main street of Friday Harbor). Immediately take the first right (which is First Street) and go a block uphill. The Museum is on your right at the corner.


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