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10 Killebrew Lake Road
Orcas , WA 98280


Every day 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Photo Credit: Bud Hardwick
Without doubt, the Orcas Village Store is the most convenient location for stocking up on food items when arriving or departing Orcas Island. Located directly adjacent to the ferry dock, the store is only a few steps from the ferry loading ramp. Among the store’s tightly packed shelves are a wide variety of food and beverage items. Bread and crackers, wine and cheese, fruits and vegetables, imported and domestic, canned specialties and old favorites offer plenty of reason to browse.

For those heading out on the ferry or hungry arrivals that can’t wait; a well-stocked deli counter offers plenty of creative options, many premade and ready to go. The choices of homemade pizzas are also as interesting as they are inviting. Take one to bake later or have them cook it there. Though no seating is available at the store, picnic tables are no further than across the street on the grassy hillside above the landing with restrooms nearby. Time it right and you can enjoy your hot pizza on the outbound ferry.

Picnickers who didn’t come prepared or would rather make food selection part of their island experience can add another enjoyable dimension to an island visit while eliminating the bother of meal preparation. Fresh food, seasonal offerings and island specialties can make the meal even more memorable. While famous for their savory comfort food; don’t forget the desserts. Their inventive sweets and confections are not to be missed.

For those planning a family gathering or group event on Orcas, the store’s extensive and highly regarded catering service can be very useful. Not only are the full range of deli offerings available as well as custom hot dishes but their mobile “Train Engine” barbecue can add a fun element to the occasion besides providing hot tasty food.

Open seven days a week throughout the year (and open a little later in summer), the store is well appreciated by year-round residents as well as occasional visitors. While primarily a food provisioner, a large variety of other useful items including gifts, souvenirs, fishing tackle, toys, magazines, and newspapers are available often making the Orcas Village Store the only necessary stop when beginning or ending your Orcas Island adventure.
Written By: Bud Hardwick
On: 7/27/2009


The store is located directly adjacent to the State Ferry Landing on Orcas Island. Walking or driving off the ferry, the store is immediately on the right. Short term street-side parking can be found around the corner to the right. If none is available continue to drive down the road to a safe and convenient place to make a U-turn (the Post Office is located a short distance down this road). For more and longer parking options a short walk away, turn left after leaving the ferry and follow signs to parking. Walk-off arrivals should be careful if crossing the busy street during ferry discharges and loadings.


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