Buckhorn Farm Bungalow


17 Jensen Road
Eastsound , WA 98245
(360) 376-2298


Overlooking a small orchard and garden, this vintage 1940s vacation cottage is located on a peaceful 10-acre farm just outside Eastsound.
If your requirement of a Bed and Breakfast is that it makes you feel comfortably at home, then the Buckhorn Farm Bungalow is the place for you. Painstakingly restored to retain its c. 1940 style and charm, the Bungalow is a separate unit appropriately situated in farm setting. Surrounded by a small orchard, this complete house offers all the comforts of grandma’s house.

The Bungalow’s kitchen is a true kitchen and not a simple kitchenette. This room was designed for the manufacture of large quantities of food and boasts a full complement of cooking and baking utensils. And when I say "full," I do mean full—Julia Child would not want for a spatula or whisk in this kitchen. The refrigerator is also fortified with an array—a virtual plethora, if you will—of condiments and sauces. Feel free to go crazy at the grocery store in Eastsound. At the Buckhorn Farm Bungalow, you have access to an oven, microwave and wood burning stove and enough dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.

For patrons of the farm, the master bedroom’s queen-sized bed offers the perfect place to lay one’s head. Additionally, a futon foldout bed in the living room provides enough room for children or guests. The requisite cute Bed-and-Breakfast bathroom showcases an impressive tile job, replete with a few strategically placed colorful perch tiles.

Entertainment includes the standard TV and VCR with some well-worn and familiar family films. However, sitting still for a moment might offer the best reward; the sound of an occasional bird chirping and nothing else, not even the hum of a refrigerator. The living room is stocked with comfortable couches and easy chairs, and a view through bay windows of a green, grassy field. The invitation to kick back and relax is difficult to turn down, but why say "no" when it feels so good to say "yes"?
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 5/13/2001


From the Orcas ferry landing, turn left onto the Horseshoe Highway and follow the main road eight miles to the town of Eastsound. Go straight through the town, staying on the main drag. At the far end of town, you will go up a slight hill, then drive along a crescent-shaped beach. When you reach the stop sign, take a left and continue for about a mile.

The highway will make a hard left, but veer to the right onto Terrills Beach Road. About 1/4 ahead, turn right onto Buckhorn Road. About 1/4 mile down this road, you will see three large mail boxes on the right. Pull in the driveway and stay left. The Bungalow, with its red roof, is right in front of you.


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