Howe Art Sculpture Park and Gallery

236 Double Hill Road
Eastsound , WA 98245
(360) 376-2945


The art of Anthony Howe is the spirit of the islands. He’s not a native--his resume is punctuated with references to vulgar urban areas with names like Manhattan and Seattle--but no artist has been so successful at captivating the natural, whimsical spirit of the San Juans.

Howe works primarily in metals. Spinning, twirling, inexplicable pieces blowing in the wind and looking like they’re from another world. Some have colors, most maintain their natural silver or bronze. No generalities apply to them all. Howe’s work has confounded locals and favorably impressed critics, everyone from local journalists to commentators on CBS. It’s quite nearly impossible to find two descriptions that appear to describe the same work, but they all agree that they like it.

The gallery is on a hillside that constitutes the Howe’s back yard, with a small studio indoors. The sight of a yard full of these unique creations, with moving parts dancing in the wind, is other-worldly, breathtaking. Among the elements of his work are welded rods and coiled steel, colored resin-impregnated fabric, fiberglass, gongs, bells, piano wire, and tumbler drums. The pieces are freestanding welded metal sculptures, mobiles, and kinetic fountains. The most recent works are, as described by Howe, "multiple-axis, asymmetrically balanced mobiles that move independently of the apparent direction of the wind." The works of art range in size from 18 inches to 10 or 12 feet. Many sell at prices ranging from what you might pay for dinner for three to what you might pay for a down payment on a house.

The gallery is a family affair. Anthony is usually accessible to the public, but when he is working, his wife Lynne is a friendly guide to the gallery and its unusual treasures. The Howe Gallery is now also showing sculptural furniture by Anthony’s brother Patrick, and glass blown by Pilchuck artists.
Written By: Clayton Trapp
On: 3/4/2001


Leaving Eastound headed west on Horseshoe Highway the Howe Gallery is 1/4 mile ahead on your right. Several kinetic hanging sculptures in the trees announce that you are getting near, and the driveway is marked by a sign indicating, simply, "Gallery."


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