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For peace and tranquility, try a walk on the beach at Lopez Island's Otis Perkins Day Park.
Of all the parks to visit on Lopez Island, Otis Perkins offers the best chance of a tourist-free walk along the beach. This out-of-the-way treasure requires a turn or two off the beaten path, but therein lays the appeal.

This day-use park is situated on a slender spit that cuts off one corner of Fisherman’s Bay and provides access to a small peninsula. The slender finger of land offers fantastic views of the San Juan Channel and the distant shoreline of San Juan. Like many such spits on the San Juans, the sheltered side of the shore is a salt march with slow, brackish water and thick green reeds. These wetlands are teeming with waterfowl and offer bird watchers a close-up view of the wildlife.

The narrow strip of land also provides a prime spot for watching the floatplanes on their landing and take-off runs from Fisherman’s Bay. Passing more than a few minutes here will reward the patient with a flyby by one of these single-engine prop planes. A popular dog walking spot, Otis Redding offers nearly a mile of beautiful waterfront to explore and play fetch.

The quiet country road down to the beach is rarely traveled and thus it hardly seems necessary to walk on the side of the road. Therefore, while driving to the park yourself, go slowly for locals down aren’t in much hurry to yield to oncoming cars.
Written By: Glen Berry
On: 10/2/2000


From the ferry terminal, head south on Ferry Road for about 2 miles. Bear right at a fork and left about a half-mile ahead onto Fisherman Bay Road. Continue south--through Lopez Village--for several miles to Bayshore Road. Turn right. Bayshore runs right through the middle of the park.


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